Are conveyancers cheaper than solicitors?

Are conveyancers cheaper than solicitors? No, not necessarily. We work with solicitors and licensed conveyancers nationwide and there are solicitors cheaper than some conveyancers and vice versa. The location of the conveyancer/solicitor as an example plays a pivotal role in pricing as a Southern-based company will often charge more than a Northern-based firm. Licensed conveyancers are property specialists, however, the downside to their appointment is that they are not able to deal with complex legal issues.

How much does conveyancing cost?

The average cost of conveyancing in the UK for a purchase is generally between £800 and £1500. A sale will generally be less and can be between £500 and £1000 inclusive of all fees. 

It is worth noting that the cost can vary due to a multitude of factors.

For example, depending on the area of the property, you may be forced to pay for additional searches such as coal mining searches, village and town green searches, or even chancel repair searches.

In addition, the location of the conveyancing firm can impact prices, as can the value of the property, whether the land is unregistered, whether it is a buy-to-let, whether there is shared ownership involved, etc. 

In summary, conveyancing fees can be split into two separate parts.

One is that you need to pay for the services of the conveyancer and two being the cost of disbursements to enable the conveyancer to do their job efficiently and sufficiently.

Are conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors the same?

The simple answer is: No.

They are in fact two distinct types of legal professionals, both equally as qualified as each other and both able to assist you with the buying or selling of property.

A solicitor is fully trained and qualified in provided legal services, and will often specialise in conveyancing.

Whereas, licensed conveyancers are trained and qualified in provided conveyancing services solely.

Another difference is that solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Why might my choice between a conveyancer and a conveyancing solicitor be important?

The most crucial factor in any quote is understanding whether the conveyancer or solicitor is acceptable to your lender.

If the lender objects to your choice of conveyancing firm (whether that be a conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor) the transaction grinds to a halt and could put the entire transaction in jeopardy.

When clients generate quotes with us we ask if you know the name of the lender as our conveyancing firms have to advise us which lenders they CAN act on and which lenders they can NOT act on saving you any pain later in the process.

Also, the more complex a property transaction may be the more likely it is that you need an experienced conveyancing solicitor rather than a conveyancer.

Can you negotiate conveyancing fees?

There are things you can do to help lower the price, so in a sense, you can negotiate the fee.

For example, you might offer to complete specific jobs for the conveyancer. Making their life easier will ultimately reduce your overall bill.

Another tip would be to try and agree on a fixed price, as opposed to an hourly rate. Agreeing to an hourly rate fee might see the bill soar, given that some jobs can be quite lengthy.

It is always worth shopping around prior to agreeing to instruct any solicitor or conveyancer but be certain to review the latest Google / Trustpilot reviews as some firms outsource work abroad or operate a factory-style model and many clients regret having gone for the cheapest solicitor when they suffer problems later down the line.

If you compare quotes with us we make the Google / Trustpilot reviews and ratings visible and chase the firms every 2 weeks from start until completion supporting you throughout the process via our unique conveyancing broker service.

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