No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee

Panel solicitors of My Legal Club apply condition 1 namely:

“1. Commonly, No Win No Fee claims provide you with an opportunity to claim for compensation regardless of your financial position. They are most commonly referred to when discussing personal injury claims.”

All of the My Legal Club panel solicitors can handle your claim on a no win no fee basis. If you are unsuccessful with your claim then you don’t have to pay a penny.

Since April 2013 anyone who claims for personal injury will be subject to the amendments made to the law including qualified one way cost shifting. Our panel solicitors will explain all of this to you and explain why it reduces the risk of you being liable for any fees in the event that you lose your claim.

Not all personal injury claims can proceed by way of a Conditional Fee Agreement where the solicitor is paid costs by the party to blame if the claim is successful. Where personal injury claims proceed on a Conditional Fee Agreement the Premium Members of My Legal Club do not need to worry about legal fees, disbursement charges or any deductions for solicitor costs if their claim is successful and they have told the truth and co-operated with the solicitor throughout. 

If the claim, whether that be for personal injury or financial mis-selling etc, can not proceed by way of a Conditional Fee Agreement and an alternative agreement is required the solicitor will explain this to you. 

Solicitors will ask whether you have the benefit of a legal expense insurance policy (typically on car insurance, home insurance etc). If the answer is yes our solicitors will assess whether this policy will indemnify and protect you in the event of you pursuing a personal injury claim and that claim either being unsuccessful and/or you potentially being exposed to any adverse costs or disbursements/expenses incurred.

In the event that you do not have the benefit of a legal expense insurance policy as per the above, the panel solicitors of My Legal Club may put in place an ‘After the Event’ insurance policy which will protect you from disbursements/expenses incurred in the event of you losing your claim.

This is of course subject to your adherence to their policy terms and conditions.

The cost of the after the event insurance policy will be discussed with you by our panel solicitor and if you agree to proceeding with your claim will result in the cost of the policy only being deducted from your compensation if you are successful.

There is no charge applied for the policy if you are unsuccessful and you have adhered to the terms and conditions of the policy.

This is how the claim is No Win No Fee and why you will not incur any adverse costs or disbursements/expenses in the event of a failed claim. There is no up front charge applied for the after the event insurance policy and also no charge if you are unsuccessful and you have adhered to the terms and conditions of the policy.

A cancellation fee will often be incurred if you cancel a claim with the solicitor outside the cooling off period. In addition, if you exaggerate, lie or deceive then you are likely to incur a charge from the solicitor. 

*Savings – £600+ In personal injury claims prior to 1st June 2019 our members saved, on average, £638.00 when compared to solicitors who may have charged 25% from compensation for solicitor costs / success fee deduction. This is no guarantee that a similar saving will be made and is illustrative of the savings that can be made by using a personal injury solicitor, when the personal injury claim results in the solicitor receiving costs, and where the solicitor does not deduct 25% of compensation for their costs when compared with a personal injury solicitor who does deduct 25% from compensation. If you lose your claim the solicitors will not charge you a fee as long as their terms and conditions have been complied with.

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