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Additional Benefits

Why Conveyancing Firms Work With Us

  • Delivering a 5-star service to clients is our primary goal
  • We are NOT interested in low-cost & poor service conveyancing
  • NO interference with your fees – you are in complete control of your pricing
  • We only work with leading CQS firms
  • Many of our firms do NOT work with panels yet will work with us!
  • Simple & convenient online referral system
  • Receive committed instructions NOT leads or quote requests
  • No changes to your existing CRM or systems
  • You can cross-sell all of your services we do not interfere – to the contrary we want to help you secure more business

Clients ready to instruct

Receive notifications of instruction from client & introducers 



Full Control Over Pricing

You control the pricing and your net profit cost margins are set by you!


Reviews, location, legal ready, price

Clients & introducers can select firms based on a wide spectrum of features


No cost to join & no upfront fees

No up-front fees. Our fees are only payable if the case is successful.


Simple Process

  • Register your interest for FREE and with no-obligation
  • Complete a simple pricing form and review our standard terms
  • Receive a welcome email with your login details to our conveyancing portal
  • We provide “How-To Videos”, training & resources for internal circulation across your firm
  • Clients & introducers will review your quotes and service without you being bothered
  • Only when they are ready to instruct will you be notified
  • Sign the client up to your standard terms
  • Complete the case
  • Receive payment of your fees!
  • If you are up to capacity we can manage the number of instructions or even mark you as inactive on the system

Benefits To Firms Partnering With Us

  • A consistent source of conveyancing instructions 
  • Online direct introductions via My Legal Club
  • Instructions via My Legal Club from mortgage brokers and estate agents (via The Mortgage Broker Club & Estate Agent Club)
  • We promote and market your services to a vast array of property professionals and clients across the UK
  • You control the margins and pricing 
  • 24/7 support from a team with decades of experience in solicitors firms and legal services. 

Additional Benefits To Your Firm

  • We can help you secure legal ready status with easy to implement digital solutions
  • Electronic ID verification and digital sign up platforms to comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations whilst improving turnaround times, cashflow, and online reviews
  • We can help secure PII quotes and save you £££’s on renewals 
  • We can assist with EL/PL quotes from our leading panel of brokers in the Business Services Club (one of our trading styles)
  • We can introduce other work types such as commercial property and other areas of law to you 

Request a no-obligation consultation

Get in touch to speak with our team to help explain our service and answer your queries.

Please email us at or call us on 08001930503