No you do NOT need a local conveyancing solicitor.

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There are three misconceptions about using a local conveyancing solicitor, namely:

  • The solicitor knowing the area may help
  • I may get a cheaper quote as I am local
  • It will result in the conveyancing completing sooner
  • It is more convenient for me if I can just pop in and see my solicitor

Whether you choose a local solicitor is a different matter but you do NOT need your solicitor to be local.

The location of the solicitor is irrelevant. Any local knowledge has no impact upon the conveyancing process which is heavily transactional and document-based.

To the contrary, in our experience when researching potential solicitors to join our panel, a lot of local conveyancing firms are more expensive than their national counterparts. We believe many local firms know that some clients are not going to research the market and are going to contact their local solicitor. In addition, the less work a solicitor receives the greater the pressure is to increase prices to make ends meet.

The speed in which conveyancing completes depends on a number of factors so the location of a solicitor is irrelevant. Any chain and the pace at which they move, along with any issues caused along the chain, your own efficiency in responding to queries and providing information, along with time spent waiting on surveyors, lenders, and for search results, etc mean there are a lot of factors which impact upon the speed of a conveyancing transaction.

There is no need for face to face meetings or visits in a conveyancing transaction. The only benefit we can think of is that rather than sending documents to the solicitor via stamped addressed envelope you can hand them in the solicitor directly. This apart there is no extra convenience gained by selecting a local solicitor.

How we can provide you with the perfect solution to meet your conveyancing needs

  • Highly recommended solicitors who can be removed from our panel if they do not provide you with an A1 service
  • Exclusive discounts on legal fees available
  • Receive a FREE will and Lasting Power of Attorney for Health & Welfare worth over £200.00 when you use My Legal Club for your conveyancing

We only select the most highly recommended solicitors who specialise in providing excellent service at excellent prices. When you include the opportunity to receive a FREE will and Lasting Power of Attorney for Health & Welfare along with discounted legal fees we are confident there is no better offer for you in the conveyancing market(subject to terms and conditions see our homepage for further details).

To receive your FREE and no-obligation free quote and more information please:

Why do I need a conveyancing solicitor?

It is possible to perform the conveyancing yourself but this is not something we would recommend. Conveyancing solicitors are experts, have vast experience, can lookout for potential problems and you gain peace of mind as you are protected by their professional indemnity insurance meaning that if a mistake happens, or something is missed, you can claim against their policy for any losses suffered.

What documents do solicitors need when selling a house?

Not limited to but including:

  • Proof of identity and address
  • Energy performance certificate
  • Management information pack
  • Fittings and consent form
  • Existing mortgage details
  • Acceptance of offer

Which is cheaper solicitor or conveyancer?

This depends on a lot of circumstances. There is a misconception that licensed conveyancers are always cheaper than solicitors. A FREE and no-obligation quote with My Legal Club includes a FREE will and lasting power of attorney plus the opportunity to receive an exclusive discount against legal fees with highly recommended leading conveyancing solicitors.

What is included in a quote?

Quotes can be misleading. Some companies only quote you for their fees to make the cost seem attractive. This quote may not include their VAT and/or the disbursements. What are disbursements? Disbursements are the fees which you must pay for, not limited to but including, bacs transfers, land registry fees, fees for the searches, etc. Many companies leave these items off resulting in you receiving a bigger invoice than you expected. Make sure your quote includes all VAT and disbursements to ensure you have accurate information and can budget correctly.

How long will it take to complete my conveyancing

We have seen cases where completion occurred within 10 days. On average the conveyancing takes 8-12 weeks. The chain is only as quick as the slowest part of the chain. We can help buyer AND seller as we can split them between our solicitors ensuring the most efficient process.

Origins of My Legal Club

My Legal Club was founded by Sean Rogers – an experienced solicitor with extensive knowledge of legal services. Throughout his work in the legal sector, he realised that there wasn’t anything currently available that offered guaranteed access to recommended specialist solicitors, for a great price.


We have a strict code of standards for the level of customer care and support we demand, and all solicitors recommended by My Legal Club have agreed to abide by this code of standards. We will undertake regular checks to ensure that all of our members are receiving the high levels of service we are committed to providing.


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