It's better to have 4Sight than hindsight

4Sight Dash Cam & Accident Detection App

We have teamed up with 4Sight to offer all our members a free dash-cam and a subscription to their revolutionary cloud based app.

4Sight App Benefits

Here are the little things that make 4Sight so special


Records your journey just like a normal Dash Cam


4Sight uses your phones internal sensors to detect a sudden impact


Video footage is the best way to prevent crash for cash scams and our experienced advisers have helped thousands in this situation


At the moment of impact your phone takes a note of the GPS location


The accident capture tutorial will guide you on what images you will need to capture


The accident capture tutorial will guide you on what images you will need to capture

Potential Car Insurance Savings 

Which reported that Admiral, Diamond and Elephant give you the opportunity to get a discount on your insurance policy with a dash cam, but at varying rates. There’s no standard discount amount. So what you get offered will largely depend on other factors that typically impact insurance prices (such as age and location). You can add your dash cam as a ‘modification’ on their respective websites. If you’re an existing customer who owns a dash cam, get in touch and ask about adjusting your premium. With these policies, your dash cam doesn’t need to be permanently fitted and smartphone apps are also accepted.

We would recommend you check carefully with any insurer as to any discount they may offer. Remember also to make the insurer aware this is a smart phone dash-cam app and not one permanently fitted to your vehicle (although it would most likely be a term of any potential saving you have the dash-cam app running at all times). 


If you do not already have a suitable mount for your phone in your car 4Sight recommend a mount for purchase here or you can shop around for an alternative. 

4Sight Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 4Sight dash-cam and accident detection app cost me anything?

My Legal Club members receive both the dash-cam and app as part of their membership. An in-car mount is not included but can be purchased here if required.

Will the app use up my 3G/4G data?

4Sight does not use any data at all unless there is an incident detected. The App has a rolling 2 minute video that is not stored or saved anywhere. When an accident is detected it takes the previous 15 seconds from the 2 minute loop and then continues to record for another 10 seconds. It is only when this 25 second piece of video footage is then uploaded to 4Sight that any data is used, and it is a minimal amount. In normal daily use, without accidents, no data is used at all.

What happens if I have an accident and need to make a claim?

If after your accident you need to make a personal injury claim, then as a My Legal Club member we will be here to provide support and introduce you to one of our recommended solicitors who will assist you with your claim.

Why do I need this?

There are a number of benefits to using 4Sight. Video footage collected by the dash-cam could be vital evidence in any claims made as a result of an accident. It will contact the emergency services when an accident is detected, giving you telephone support in a difficult situation. There are insurers that do offer discounts on their policy premium, so it is best to ask your current insurer to find out if this is available for you.

Do I have to buy a camera / dash-cam separately?

4Sight utilises all the functions of your smart phone, camera, geo locater, g-force sensor so you do not need to buy any separate camera or transmitting device.  Once activated 4sight will utilise all your phones functionality automatically.

Are there any hidden charges?

The only charge or fee would be if you do not currently own a suitable mount. 4Sight recommend a mount for purchase here or you can shop around for an alternative. 

Is this quick to set up?

Set up will take approximately 5 minutes. This will include providing login details and granting 4Sight permissions to access functions of your smart phone, such as camera, geo locater etc. This is essential for the monitoring teams to be able to accurately locate you and view any footage captured.

After the initial set up has been completed, to use 4Sight please open the app and press ‘Go’.   It is important to ensure the phone is securely mounted before tapping on Go, so as not to trigger a false alarm.

Is there step by step guide how to get it working?

There is a tutorial built within the app, which will automatically start when you first log in. This will put you through the step by step process, including tips on how best to use 4Sight. You can access the tutorial at any time by pressing on the information icon on the top right-hand side of the 4Sight screen.

Once I am logged in to the app can I stay logged in?

Once you have initially logged on you will not need to provide the information again. Simply open the 4Sight app and it is ready to be used.

What if I have a minor accident and miss the notifications

In low velocity impacts 4Sight may not pick up a ‘g force spike’, this is very common with all dash cam devices. You can quickly select to ‘manually record’, located in the top centre of the display, which will send the video footage and your location automatically to our response centre. No emergency services will ever attend your location unless it is obvious from the video footage that there could be someone requiring medical assistance.

What happens if I do have an accident – I don’t want loads of hassle?

The whole purpose of 4Sight is to remove the stress and strain that follows a road traffic accident. You will have experienced advisors on hand to help you meaning that any potential hassle will be removed.

Am I going to get hounded by cold callers after my accident?

4Sight’s function is to recognise, record, and provide assistance should an accident occur.  4Sight will not contact you further, unless you wish them to do so. As a My Legal Club member you may be contacted by My Legal Club to check on your wellbeing and confirm if you were happy with the 4Sight app.

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