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Increased Customer Referrals
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Customer Rewards

  • Increase customer referrals through word of mouth recommendations
  • Customers can save £1000’s thanks to your loyalty and reward service
  • FREE lifetime access to Online Discount Club (check out the Online Discount Club video!)
  • FREE lifetime access to My Legal Club

“I saved over £700 on legal fees with My Legal Club compared to quotes I received from other solicitors. The discounts and savings shopping online are brilliant too. Highly recommend”

Michelle – Cheshire

Importance of customer referrals 

92% of people trust word of mouth or referrals from those they know, above all other advertising. This means when someone sees a friend or family member raving about a particular person, product, or brand, they’re much more likely to act upon that recommendation. If your customers enjoy the benefits of your customer reward program, they’ll tell their friends and family about it providing more reference points about your services.

Customer rewards are playing a huge role in the awareness and selection of many products and services. As an example, Nick Read, Commercial Director at Vitality, said: “Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch has been hugely successful. It is a highly popular benefit and has delivered significant value for members.…”

Rewards start the conversation. When previous customers are enjoying their rewards they’ll tell their friends and family about it leading to conversations about how they obtained those rewards for free.

  • Better customer retention via improved engagement and experience of your service
  • Increased customer referrals
  • Improved cost efficiency securing repeat business than consistently acquiring new ones
  • Rewards encourage happy customers to publish reviews and ratings

How does it work?

  • When you sign up you receive an email template including a link and access code to forward to your customers
  • Our template includes everything they need to register for their FREE rewards
  • Your customers are under no obligation to register and we never ask you for your customer contact details
  • We are 100% secure & 100% compliant
  • Secure your customers £1000’s worth of potential savings for less than £4 per customer!
  • Sample email template provided

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No long contracts – monthly rolling subscription!

Fantastic value prices from as little as £3 per customer!

  • 1-9 customers per month = £50 plus VAT
  • 10-29 customers per month = £75 plus VAT
  • 30-49 customers per month = £100 plus VAT
  • 50+ customers per month = £150 plus VAT


  • Simple sign-up process – no lengthy contract
  • No changes to your infrastructure, IT, or systems
  • No administration required internally
  • Exceptional customer rewards

Unique Customer Rewards Package


FREE lifetime customer access


Online Discount Club


Savings with leading UK retailers


My Legal Club

More Information

Online Discount Club

The Online Discount Club provides customers with discount codes for use with leading UK retailers saving £££’s shopping online. Discount codes are accessed via the Online Discount Club portal where the codes can be copied and pasted on to the retailer’s website checkout page. We also distribute additional offers not available on the portal via email and SMS. Customers can save £100’s on everyday items with leading and trusted UK and worldwide brands. 

Free Legal Advice | Discounted Legal Fees

Customer rewards include:

  • FREE legal advice
  • Up to 25% savings on legal fees
  • Access to specialist solicitors in all areas of law
What if I have more completions each month than the number I signed up for?

What a nice problem to have as your business is growing!

This is not a problem if numbers are increasing dramatically of or the long term we can review upgrading your subscription. Our prices scale from £50.00 to £150.00 (exclusive of VAT) so the differences in price between each bracket are not significant. 

If my customers do not sign up do I receive a refund?

No, you will not receive a refund. Your customers are entitled to sign up at any stage as it is a FREE lifetime membership. Your subscription provides you with the ability to send out the reward links to your customers – we do not charge per sign up. 

Am I tied in to any long term contracts?

No, there are no long term contracts. The contract is a monthly rolling contract which you can cancel at any time by getting in touch with us in accordance with the terms and conditions. 

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