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The Financial Services Ombudsman (FOS)

If you have a problem with a trading financial company, where your complaint has been rejected, you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The FOS can order firms to pay compensation – and the service costs nothing to use.

The FOS adjudicate in matters such as, PPI, banking, insurance, investment loss, pensions, loans, mortgages, and many others.

Alternative Ombudsman

The Pension Ombudsman (PO) is not a regulator (“watchdog”), consumer champion or a trade body. They are completely independent and impartial.

The PO can look at complaints about personal and occupational pension schemes, also consider complaints about the actions and decisions of the Pension Protection Fund and some decisions made by the Financial Assistance Scheme.

Time Limits

The FOS’s services are free and you can still pursue a claim through the courts if the FOS claim fails.

Something to be conscious of is that the time limits imposed by the courts can expire whilst you have a claim with the FOS.

This means if you lose you would not be able to pursue a claim via the courts due to being out of time.

This can be a very complex area but generally 3 time-limits apply:

  • The 6-year rule
  • The 3-year rule
  • The 15-year rule

The 6-year rule generally means 6 years from the advice/action you are complaining about. E.g. 6 years from the date of the advice from an IFA, or 6 years from signing a pension transfer form, or 6 years from signing a loan agreement.

If your claim is more than 6 years ago you can still rely upon the 3-year rule. The 3-year rule is often debated and disputed between the parties. The 3-year rule refers to 3 years from the date you first became aware (or should have become aware) of the problem which you are complaining about.

As an example, you may have a complaint regarding a matter which took place 10 years ago (over 6 years) but where the loss only became apparent within the last 2 years.

This is an example of where the 3-year rule would apply.

The 15-year rule means actions alleging negligence must be made within a maximum period 15 years from the negligent act or omission.

There can be exceptions as the FCA have stated they may allow certain cases to be handled outside of the 15-year time limit. The FSCS have stated that time-limits can be disregarded when it is appropriate to do so.

If you believe your claim is nearing these time limits it may be best to seek legal advice in order to protect your “limitation period” (time limits) whilst you pursue a claim via the FOS.

Compensation Limits

It may be that if your claim exceeds the value of claim the FOS can compensate for you should seek legal advice in first instance.

The Court of Appeal ruled that if you accept an offer from the FOS, you cannot take legal action over the same complaint, e.g. you can not obtain compensation from the FOS and then sue for further monies against the same defendant.

This means individuals and small businesses that have a grievance against a financial services firm can take their complaint to the ombudsman but they must carefully choose whether to accept a final award or not. If they do, they lose the right to pursue further compensation in court.

Award Limits:

  • The compensation limits apply per person.

Different limits apply depending on when the case was brought to the FOS:

  • £350,000 for complaints about acts or omissions by firms on or after 1 April 2019
  • £160,000 for complaints about acts or omissions by firms before 1 April 2019, and which are referred to the FOS after that date

For complaints referred to the FOS before 1 April 2019, the previous award limits apply, being:

  • £150,000 for any complaints referred to us before 1 April 2019
  • Where it’s clear how much has been lost, the FOS will specify the amount of money awarded.
  • Where it’s not clear the FOS will set out the basis on which compensation should be calculated, rather than a specific amount.

For example, if someone was mis-sold PPI, the FOS would tell the business to calculate the compensation in line with the position and cost if the insurance had not been put in place.
Awards for trouble, upset, distress or inconvenience can also be recommended.

Examples of awards for distress and inconvenience:

  • Moderate (less than £500)
  • Substantial (£500 to £2,000)
  • Severe (£2,000 to £5,000)
  • Extreme (£5,000 or more)

Interest can also be added to any award.

In most cases, the FOS think a rate of 8% per year is appropriate to reflect the cost of being deprived of money in the past.

FCA Compilance

In any area of financial mis-selling (not limited to but including pay day loans, SIPP’s, investment loss, mortgage breach, Consumer Credit Act) you are able to claim, without any fee being charged, against the regulated party directly AND if necessary via the appropriate Statutory Ombudsman or Statutory Compensation Scheme, e.g. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and where appropriate The Pension Ombudsman and/or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

There is no reason why you would achieve a different/better result by instructing a solicitor or claims management company. If you choose to instruct us to assist you with a financial mis-selling claim you confirm that you accept and understand the above.

More information on no win no fee claims can be found here.

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