95% of UK businesses employ 9 people or less.

4% of UK businesses employ 10-49 people.

Therefore 99% of UK businesses employ 49 people or less, with the vast majority employing 9 or less.

Every business understands the need to comply with employment law and meet their business HR needs.

The question is what options are available to businesses to ensure exceptional HR and legal compliance in the most efficient and affordable way?

What level of support do you require?

What level of support you require depends on your specific needs and outlook. You may want to do everything internally. You may want to outsource everything. You may want to do a bit of both. You may want to mix and match products or have everything under one roof.

Are you happy with your current processes? If you prefer internal solutions do you have access to all the resources you require? If you prefer outsourced solutions are you receiving exceptional service and value for money?

You may be happy with your current systems and processes in the following areas, or maybe you’re not?

  • Employment law – contracts, handbooks, disciplinary procedures, etc
  • HR processes to ensure employment law compliance – holiday entitlement, sick leave, payroll, training, policies, etc
  • Employee benefits – what additional benefits can you provide your employees that really make a difference?
  • GDPR compliance – do you have all the correct policies, systems, reviews and protection in place to ensure GDPR compliance?
  • How do you help employees with physical, mental, and emotional well-being?

HR – Internal or Outsource?

Of course there are positives and negatives to either option

Businesses of any size may decide they wish to retain everything internally. If the right resources, support, and training is available the risks are heavily reduced.

Alternatively, businesses may want to utilise outsourced solutions. If the package selected fits the needs of the business, and the business is not overspending on a package which is exaggerated, business can enjoy greater flexibility and productivity from not having to handle such matters internally.

Managing HR and legal compliance internally: Pro’s & Con’s



Swift action – no unnecessary delays

Expensive when you do require advice


Internal resources required at senior levels

Reduces monthly outgoings

Greater exposure if things do go wrong

Lots of free resources online

Reliance on key personnel

Outsourcing HR and legal compliance: Pro’s & Con’s



Monthly subscriptions as opposed to a big bill

Loss of control

Risk reduction

Liability rests with you ultimately anyway

Increased efficiency & productivity

Delays via response times

Specialist support (are they qualified though?)


Peace of mind

Some outsourcing solutions tie you in for 2/3/4 years

Our starting point as a rule of thumb is that businesses with 20 or fewer employees can manage HR and legal compliance internally with the right resources and systems.

Having reviewed outsourced HR services it appears their pricing for businesses with 10-20 employees range from £130 – £200+ per month subscriptions for very basic packages. Many HR solutions do not involve qualified solicitors and you may just be receiving advice from a call centre in some situations.

Businesses with 20+ employees are often more likely to require outsourced HR services due to the greater resources needed internally and additional risks associated with a larger workforce. Often outsourcing can be cheaper, and less risky, than hiring an internal HR team.

Often the choice is personal preference. Some may be happy overpaying in return for peace of mind. Others may value the available resources increasing internally as a result of outsourcing as a price worth paying.

Review your business needs – FREE & No-obligation

The Business Legal Club has created specialist internal AND outsourced HR and legal compliance solutions for businesses of any size.

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Internal solutions

  • Pay as you go or subscribe for unlimited access to the interactive online legal library including documents and processes in HR, employment, legal compliance, debt, contracts, and commercial sectors – take a FREE look around here
  • Receive discounts from specialist solicitors in every area of business law as and when you require legal advice
  • Discounts in all areas of the Business Services Club -the business brokerage to meet your every business need
  • FREE GDPR assessments and support via specialist solicitors in the Business Services Club -the business brokerage to meet your every business need

Outsourced solutions: HR Solicitor Package

  • FREE and no-obligation quotes
  • Specialist solicitors at the same prices as non-qualified HR Consultants
  • A telephone helpline with answers from experienced lawyers to the difficult questions you may face
  • An annual health check audits your employment policies, handbooks and contracts, ensuring you all follow best practice and are fully legally compliant
  • A management toolkit provides step-by-step guides on how to deal with HR issues (such as grievances or disciplinary procedures) with supporting documents ready to download
  • Optional insurance cover is available to protect against employment tribunal claims
  • Receive discounts from specialist solicitors in every area of business law as and when you require legal advice
  • Discounts in all areas of the Business Services Club -the business brokerage to meet your every business need


With over 95% of UK businesses having 9 employees or less internal software and systems should be suitable for most businesses. There are lots of free resources online and affordable services to support internal HR and legal compliance.

The Business Legal Club provides specialist internal and outsourced options for HR and legal compliance for businesses of any size.

FREE and no-obligation quotes are available with 30-day money back guarantees.

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