How long does it take to receive an offer of compensation on a personal injury claim? There is no fixed time period for this. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly the defendant will not make offers of settlement (generally) without first having investigated whether they are to blame (liability). If they admit liability then they will look to settle the claim as cheaply as possible (from the defendant’s perspective).

The second reason is because some defendant’s make offers of settlement BEFORE you obtain a medical report (e.g. they make an offer before you have seen a medico-legal expert. The expert drafts a medical report confirming your injuries and prognosis). Other defendants will only make offers of settlement AFTER you have disclosed to them your medical report.

In simple claims where liability is admitted you would expect all claims to be concluded within 2-5 months. In more complicated claims where liability may be disputed, or the injuries are complex, then claims can take 6-18 months.

There are a lot of changes happening in 2020 in respect of personal injury claims and particularly when defendants can make offers of settlement to you.

Civil Liability Act 2020

The Civil Liability Act is due to be implemented later this year.

The reforms will:

  • Introduce a ban on defendants seeking or offering to settle whiplash claims without medical reports (e.g. without evidence of the injury).
  • Increase the small claims limit for road traffic accident claims to £5,000 from the current £1,000. Solicitors are only entitled to their costs being paid by the defendant in cases where the value is OVER the small claims limit, e.g. currently over £1,000. This increase leads to questions being asked as to how solicitors will receive payment for their fees in such cases, if at all, as the only person able to pay them would be the client…
  • Increase the small claims limit for other personal injury claims (non-road traffic accidents) to £2,000. Again, solicitors are only entitled to their costs in cases where the value is OVER the small claims limit. If your claim value is under £2,000 then this leads to questions as to how solicitors will receive payment for their fees, if at all, as the only person able to pay them would be the client…
  • Substantially reduce the amount of compensation for some aspects of whiplash claims. This again results in clients receiving substantially less compensation for whiplash injuries and reducing the opportunity to pay the solicitors fees via a deduction from your compensation.
  • Encourage individuals to bring claims themselves without solicitors or legal representation via a computerised Portal system.
  • Result in you either having to represent yourself in court or having to pay for representation at court where the value of your claim falls below the small claims limit AND the defendant challenges your claim and refuses to settle the claim in your favour.
  • Result in you having to use the portal yourself if the value of your claim is under the small claims limit resulting in you having to arrange your own medical evidence unless you instruct a third-party to assist you and come to an agreement in respect of their fees.

if I have been injured in the last 3-years as a result of an accident which was not my fault and not yet made a claim what should I do?

If you have been injured in an accident which was not your fault within the last 3-years and you have not made a claim for compensation we would suggest you obtain urgent legal advice. Especially before the reforms come into force. Once the reforms come in to force via the Civil Liability Act you may receive less compensation (in the event your claim is for whiplash) and/or the likelihood of you being represented by a solicitor via a no win no fee agreement may be drastically reduced – depending upon the value of your claim.

In any event, you may be close to the limitation on your claim passing as you can not claim compensation for accidents which occurred more than 3-years ago so the sooner you take action and obtain legal advice the better.

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Further information on how this works can be found here.

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