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Making the decision to divorce or separate can be one of the most upsetting and stressful times in your life.

Executing a divorce is not straightforward and My Legal Club is here to offer you the support you require and ensuring the right solicitor will outline all of the options available to you and enable you to decide upon the next steps. There are a number of different options available to anyone considering a divorce depending on the circumstances e.g. whether the divorce is amicable, whether property/children and or businesses are involved as just a few examples.

If you are considering a divorce, seeking a divorce or want more information in respect of a divorce contact us today so we can ensure a solicitor provides you with the advice you require.

It is possible that mediation, legal aid and/or divorce packs can be offered to help you.

In essence the divorce process is a lot more straightforward and cheaper if it is agreed and ideally amicable. It does not always have to involve disputed proceedings and heavy costs and there are a number of options available depending upon the circumstances.

In order to proceed with a divorce you must:

  • Have been married for at least a year
  • Your relationship has broken down and you satisfy one of the five grounds for divorce;
  • Have a permanent home in England &/or Wales;
  • Have a marriage that is legally recognised in the UK;

5 reasons for divorce

  1. Adultery – unless you lived with your husband/wife for longer than 6 months after the adultery;
  2. Unreasonable behaviour – this could include physical or verbal abuse, drug or drink addiction by way of examples;
  3. Desertion – e.g. one party has walked out without reason;
  4. Lived apart for 2 years and agree to divorce;
  5. Lived apart for 5 years even if one party refuses to agree to the divorce.

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3 key stages in respect of divorce

  1. File a Divorce Petition – eg the reasons for the divorce;
  2. Apply for a decree nisi – if the divorce is agreed
  3. Apply for a decree absolute – this legally ends your marriage and is usually at least 6 weeks after the decree nisi.

Serious Factors to consider

Gaining access to the right advice is crucial before any divorce is considered.

Firstly is the marriage capable of resurrection? Would counselling help? Is there any way back or is divorce the only option to consider?

The following matters should be of serious concern before entering in to a divorce and the right advice should be sought in respect of these matters, something we can help you with via our specialist solicitors:

  • Family Home – whether you own the family home or are in rented accommodation the family home and living arrangements alongside the financial implications require significant consideration and advice. If children are involved then this will be a crucial factor which is needs to be considered when assessing living arrangements;
  • Children – they are innocent parties in a divorce and it can be more stressful for them than the parents. Access to the children, how key decisions regarding the children will be made, child maintenance for the children and supporting the children through this process are all crucial to consider and ensure you obtain the right advice about.
  • In business together – much depends on the type of business, the ownership structure and the views of each party when considering how best to deal with a shared business or a married couple who run a business together. There are a whole range of options that one of our panel solicitors will take you through.

How we can help

Allow us to support you and ensure that you get the right care and advice you need from one of our specialist solicitors. You will receive the best advice in very clear terms and provide you with enough information to ensure you know how best you wish to proceed. If you go ahead with the divorce the specialist solicitors will hold your hand every step of the way and ensure your best interests and those of your children are looked after.

The terms of the divorce could affect the rest of your life and we believe it is crucial to ensure you receive the right advice as early as possible.

Contact us and we will ensure that one of our specialist panel solicitors contacts you in a manner and a time that suits you.

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