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Legal Expense Protection for their household.
Free legal advice on any legal issue.
Huge savings via discounted legal fees and access to solicitors who have been cherry picked due to their excellence on any legal matter.

Full support after an accident including the recovery, storage, repairs, hire car and if necessary personal injury claim with full protection against any legal costs and 100% compensation.

Huge savings in our unique legal library enabling the online drafting of wills, on line divorce packs, online change of name deeds, online powers of attorney, online leases, and many many more enabling members to obtain the legal documents they require online at an incredible price with full online support when completing the document;

Free membership to My Shopping Club enabling huge savings on your every day purchases.

Why was My Legal Club formed?

My Legal Club was created by Sean Rogers a qualified solicitor. He, and many of his colleagues, were becoming frustrated dealing with legal expense insurers. Commonly they were frustrated by.

Lengthy delays in receiving confirmation as to whether an Insurer would allow them to act on the client’s behalf;
Lengthy delays in confirming whether they would agree to indemnify the client for case progression.

Incredibly high thresholds for prospects of success – way above the 51% prospect of success threshold that should have been adopted.

In addition most clients:

Did not know whether they had legal expense insurance protection;
Had sometimes paid for it on more than one occasion via home insurance, car insurance, credit cards etc.

Would only benefit from the policy if they had a civil claim, usually a personal injury or employment claim. What if a policy holder needed help with conveyancing, probate, a divorce?

With so much advertising and marketing by solicitors how can anyone know they are going to find the right solicitor, at a great price, that matches quality of performance and expertise with competitive pricing regardless of the area of law?

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Sean would field many calls from family, friends and acquaintances whenever they required legal advice or needed to instruct a solicitor. Sometimes it would involve an area of law that Sean could help them with directly and on other occasions he would recommend a firm of solicitors who specialised in that area of law.

This was when the idea of My Legal Club was formed.

A perfect solution would be to have people working in the legal industry choosing a panel of solicitors from around the country who tick all the boxes anyone would want when selecting a solicitor.

Most solicitors offer similar services so how do the general public choose a solicitor unless they have a trusted family or friend they can turn to for advice?

The idea was formed that My Legal Club would carefully select solicitors to join a panel for anyone who contacts My Legal Club requiring legal advice.

My Legal Club wouldn’t be choosing the highest bidder, or selecting a firm because they were old school friends but ensuring that the firm was ideal for that area of speciality and would provide great customer service.

Whether you instruct a solicitor for a will, a house purchase, a personal injury claim or a criminal matter it is rarely trivial. They are often matters of huge importance.

We believe that quality of service, value for money and a high level of expertise are the most important factors when choosing a solicitor.

By using My Legal Club you can be certain of this as we have already done the research for you. We operate in the legal industry and can ensure that our panel members tick all the boxes you could ever wish for when it comes to selecting a solicitor regardless of your query.

My Legal Club is a trading style of Refund U Limited which is Regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of – regulated claims management activities with the CRM number: CRM32086 and its creator Sean Rogers is a practising Solicitor. You can be certain that My Legal Club will ensure you receive access to justice and only deal with lawyers that will offer you the level of service you deserve.

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We are commited to brining you the best legal services all in one place, our frienly staff and solicitors are ready avalible to assit you with you where legal matters are concerned.

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Here at mylegalclub we strive in bringing a high quality service to all our customers with our professional legal services along with our myshoppingclub.