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Employee benefit scheme

Ensure your employees and their family have the best legal advice at their finger tips.

Online Document Library

access our online document library HERE including business and employment documents which are ideal for any management team or HR department.

Membership/Subscription Groups

Provide additional benefits to members.

Sport Clubs

Raise additional revenue through sponsorship of your club.

Trade Unions 

Provide your members with the best legal advice at their finger tips.

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Employee benefit Scheme

My Legal Club offers an Employee benefit Scheme, allowing employers to ensure that their staff can benefit from the unique services which we offer!

The employer can, if they wish, pay the entire membership fee on behalf of their employee, pay part or offer the service as a salary sacrifice where the employee pays the £1.99 a month fee.

Membership/Subscription Groups 

My Legal Club offers membership/subscription groups the ability to include My Legal Club alongside their existing features through either inclusion in existing fees or subscription/membership increase to accommodate.


Sports Clubs

My Legal Club enables sports clubs to raise additional sponsorship revenue via My Legal Club. Sports clubs can offer membership to their committee, coaches, players, fans, junior club members’ parents and local businesses. Simply sign up your sports club members, committee, senior players, fans etc to a Sports Club membership of My Legal Club and for every member you sign we will return £1 back to you each month by way of sponsorship. You collect the funds and we invoice you for the membership fees putting you in control of how many members you have with us.

As an example, sign up 500 people to our scheme and we will return £1 from every £1.99 received by way of a sponsorship deal raising potentially £1000’s for your sports club.

Recommend to local business that they sign up to our employee benefit scheme. For every employee that signs up via an employer using your reference as a reason for joining we will return £1 for every £1.99 received to you via club sponsorship. This allows local businesses to sponsor your club for a very low fee whilst helping their employees and you!

In this way My Legal Club wants to help grassroots sport, amateur and semi professional sport clubs.

For a minimum of £1.99 per month

My Legal Club Membership provides the following benefits

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Legal Expense Protection for the member’s household.

Free legal advice on any legal issue.

Huge savings and access to solicitors who have been specially selected for their excellence in their specific area of legal expertise.

Full support after a motor vehicle accident including the recovery, storage, repairs, car hire and, if necessary, personal injury claim with full protection against any legal costs and 100% compensation.

Huge savings on our unique legal library enabling the online drafting of wills, divorce packs, change of name deeds, powers of attorney, leases, and many more, enabling members to obtain the legal documents they require whenever they like at an incredible price with full online document completion support 
Free membership of My Shopping Club enabling members to join and make huge savings on their every day purchases.

Sports Club Scheme

To learn more email is at info@mylegalclub.co.uk or use our contact form

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The Panel of Solicitors at My Legal Club have been carefully selected to ensure that they offer you expertise and exceptional customer service
Members of My Legal Club receive discounted prices from our panel of solicitors providing you with unique value for money when you require a solicitor!

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We are commited to brining you the best legal services all in one place, our frienly staff and solicitors are ready avalible to assit you with you where legal matters are concerned.

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