Employment Law

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My Legal Club Employment Law

My Legal Club is able to introduce their corporate members to a specialist employment law service operated by lawyers dealing with the procedural needs of managing staff and providing sound commercial advice which delivering what you the employer want to achieve, rather than just a commentary on the legislation.

  • Does everyone in your company have employment contracts? Are the key clauses drafted correctly? Are the terms binding?
  • How do you approach staff discipline and handle grievances? Would a friendly knowledge group of employment solicitors give you the support and comfort you require?
  • Whether it be TUPE, redundancies, hiring or firing; expert employment law support is a must for every business.

The Employment Law Service My Legal Club have secured offer great flexibility and services:

Peace of Mind

Dealing with the fallout from an employment issue can be expensive for a business with legal fees and settlement costs or Employment Tribunal awards needing to be found from a company’s budget within months of the problem arising.

Our employment law package works to reduce the possibility of being pursued in the first place, increase the chances of a successful defence in the event of a claim and help prevent the risk of any payout.

Flexibility – DIY Legal Services or Specialist Solicitors

Getting started with us couldn’t be easier.

You do not need to be a member of My Legal Club to benefit from the services we offer.

We would of course recommend being a member as you will receive unique discounts against any legal fees with solicitors.

Members also receive a discount on all documents in the online legal document library.

If you need advice or support we can help in the following ways:

  • Via one of our highly recommended solicitors

Speak with one of our carefully selected panel of specialists on hand to advise you.

Remember that members of My Legal Club also receive a unique discount against any charges or fees agreed with the solicitor.

You can access the employment & HR library and complete simple processes (such as drafting employment contracts, disciplinary letters, handbooks etc) interactively by filling out online questionnaires. The questions, and document, changes as you answer the questions posed. There are plenty of simple to read guidance notes and additional information at every stage.

You can get in touch with us via the contact us forms or via email at info@mylegalclub.co.uk 

Telephone Support Service

Unlimited access to specialist employment law advice led by a renowned commercially minded employment solicitor. 

Round the clock support for you and your business.

Fixed Fees

Access a solicitor’s on-line portal which empowers staff to deal with everyday employment and management issues in a way which reduces the organisation’s exposure to risk.

The fixed price package means there will be no unexpected charges, whilst ensuring your business is fully compliant with current law.

Supported by a telephone helpline, there are always answers, available from experienced lawyers, to the difficult questions you may face.

Quality Assured

The Panel of Solicitors at My Legal Club have been carefully selected to ensure that they offer you expertise and exceptional customer service.

Members of My Legal Club receive discounted prices from our panel of solicitors providing you with a unique value for money when you require a solicitor.

You, and your business, may already have solutions to the below problems that you’re already happy with, or maybe you don’t?

We provide a one-stop shop for every business need regardless of age, size, sector or turnover.

The Business Legal Club supports both in-house and outsourced legal requirements.

The Business Services Club provides a panel of highly recommended partners in every area of your business.

The Employee Benefit Club improves your employee packages, engagement, retention and recruitment.

Business Legal Club

The Business Legal Club supports in-house and outsourced legal requirements.

Businesses do not need to be a member to use the specialist team of business solicitors and interactive online legal documents.

Business Legal Club members benefit from:

  • Discounted legal fees with our specialist team of business solicitors 
  • Unlimited access to the commercial, debt, HR and employment interactive legal documents

The Business Legal Club provides specialist solutions, whilst saving money and taking away the stress of handling complex legal matters.

Online Interactive Legal Documents & In-House Support

We also offer our unique online legal library, providing every HR, Employment and Corporate document you will ever require, including employment handbooks, contracts, disciplinary letters, confidentiality agreements, Director service contracts, Shareholder Agreements and many, many more.

You can access our online legal document library here.

HR & Employment Law Solicitor Support - From £4 Per Employee Per Month

If you prefer to select an outsourced HR & employment law package you benefit from one of our top tier Legal 500 specialist solicitors.

The fixed price employment package means there will be no unexpected costs, whilst ensuring your business is fully compliant with current law. Your business will benefit from:

  • A telephone helpline with answers from experienced lawyers to the difficult questions you may face.
  • An annual health check audits your employment policies, handbooks and contracts, ensuring you all follow best practice and are fully legally compliant.
  • Employment contracts can be generated from approved templates.
  • A management toolkit provides step-by-step guides on how to deal with HR issues (such as grievances or disciplinary procedures) with supporting documents ready to download
  • Reducing your organisation’s exposure to risk
  • Self-service best practice employment guides, template documents and know-how are always available on-line
  • Allows multi-site businesses to achieve the same consistent approach throughout the organisation
  • Includes training on demand via podcasts and videos
  • Optional insurance cover is available to protect against employment tribunal claims
Improve Cash-Flow

In the UK finance business payment survey, 38% of businesses state most invoices are paid outside of agreed payment terms.

Many businesses must write off invoices or negotiate lengthy repayment methods. Many solicitors will provide free advice in respect of the options available and often early engagement with a solicitor can ensure you are paid sooner or even at all.

The Business Legal Club helps you enforce and secure payments via:

  • Specialist solicitors – with no win – no fee options available 
  • In-house interactive legal document libraries allowing you to generate the same document used by leading debt enforcement solicitors
Membership Benefits

The Business Legal Club and Employee Benefit Club can be purchased individually or as a combined membership. 

The Business Services Club is free to use and members of The Business Legal Club and Employee Benefit Club recieve discounts from the leading commercial partners saving them £££’s. 

There are a fantastic range of benefits for employers and employees:

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Improve productivity 
  • Improve cash-flow
  • Improved staff morale
  • Improved staff retention
  • Simple to sign up to and manage month to month
  • Employment and commercial offerings for the business
  • We work in the legal industry and carefully select our panel of solicitors. They have high standards of customer care to uphold and we ensure our team are the most knowledgeable and respected in the land offering you the best service available in the legal market.
  • The founder of My Legal Club was a Director and Shareholder in a solicitor’s firm so you can be certain that your business is engaging with a solicitor that we would use ourselves.

If you sign up to a subscription with My Legal Club you can rest assured that My Legal Club will never assist an employee in claiming against their employer for any matter whether it be an accident or an employment matter as our contract is with you, the employer.

If You Are Not A Member Of My Legal Club

You can access the Business Legal Club and Business Services Club without being a member. Non-members can benefit from the below services:

  • Paying for documents on a per document basis via our online legal document library enabling you to produce all the key business documents in-house and provide a fantastic aid to any existing in-house team
  • Access to our specialist panel solicitors ensuring you receive leading advice from highly recommended solicitors
  • Access to our highly recommended commercial partners in the Business Service Club 

Whilst you can benefit from the above services without being a member, we would, of course, recommend signing up to the Business Legal Club, with add-on Employee Benefits Club, to secure the full package of benefits!

Business Legal Club & Employee Benefit Club Membership
  • Unlimited access to our online business, debt and employment libraries with no fee per document 
  • Unique discounts with our highly recommended specialist solicitors
  • FREE picnic training (*subject to terms and conditions)
  • Full access and unique discounts in the Business Services Club 
  • Unique employee benefit package including a free online will, free power of attorney for health & welfare, free dash-cam/accident detection app (potentially saving money on car insurance), unique discounts with our panel solicitors (e.g. conveyancing, divorce etc), family discounts in restaurants, private health providers and many more savings and discounts

"I had claims with My Legal Club and they were really helpful. It saved me a lot of money and I would use them again"


"I used My Legal Club following a car accident and they recovered compensation for me and saved me a lot in legal fees. The solicitor was excellent and they were a great help throughout. I would recommend them and certainly use them again!"


"We put two personal injury claims through My Legal Club and got great results. A really friendly and pleasant solicitor secured us good settlements and there were no deductions from our compensation saving us £1500.00"


Contact My Legal Club

Here at My Legal Club, our panel solicitors strive in bringing high-quality service to all our customers with their professional legal services.

Request a solicitor call back via the below contact us form, text customer services on +447984388694, or email info@mylegalclub.co.uk.

The SMS service is integrated with our customer service emails and therefore 100% confidential, safe, and secure.

Subscribe today & take advantage of our FREE trial period, with no commitment.