Business Startup

Starting A New Business Is An Exciting Time

The formation of the business and internal agreements is critical. Examples include your shareholders agreement, minutes, compliance with the Data Protection Act amongst many others. Planning the legal structure and compliance of the business, website and services is critical before any launch. There are enormous resources nowadays online with a wealth of free information to help guide you. My Legal Club offers every new start up a solution to suit them.


  • Our online legal document library enables you to produce all the key documents in-house saving you on fee
  • Instructing our specialist panel solicitors ensuring you receive leading advice from highly recommended solicitors
  • Save on both services by becoming a My Legal Club member

If you’re a small business, and/or looking to save costs, then our online legal document library could be the perfect solution for you. In here you gain access to all the key documents needed to set up your business. You then have the option to engage our solicitors later if you feel further advice, or changes are needed, as you grow the business.

Alternatively, if you are a bigger business start-up, and/or have a larger budget, then our specialist business and employment solicitors are a perfect option for you.

Our panel solicitors will advise you carefully throughout and take care of everything for you.

You can use either of our new business start-up services, whether you are a member or not, but we would (obviously!) recommended becoming a member of My Legal Club.

Membership provides you with unlimited FREE access to the online legal document libraries for business and offers unique discounts saving you money on legal fees with our panel solicitors.


Many businesses make mistakes prior to launch. We will focus on the legal issues here, but serious consideration as to the target market, product/service which provides an alternative in that market, pricing, marketing, and choice of business partners (if relevant) needs to be given before launching any new business.

Some examples of common mistakes made before launching a new business are:

  • Not selecting the right corporate entity
  • Not drafting the correct Director service contracts and shareholders agreement
  • Drafting contracts/terms of use which are unenforceable
  • Drafting incorrect privacy and data protection policies
  • Failing to have compliant H.R. and employment policies and practices
  • Failing to consider trademarks and intellectual property

Commercial partners

My Legal Club have vast experience in business. The team have vast experience in researching the most highly recommended commercial partners for any business.

We have a panel of third-party commercial partners whom we have researched extensively. We continue to review our partners to ensure they maintain their high standards. Whether it be the management team itself, the product, the customer reviews we have looked at every aspect of the commercial partners we have recruited to our panel.

My Legal Club business subscription members also benefit from fantastic discounts and FREE offers from the panel.

We would not suggest for one moment outsourcing to one of our third-party commercial partners blindly.

Contact us, check them out and give us your feedback.

My Legal Club isn’t interested in finding the bottom price. Our customer research tells us that is not what the majority want either. If you want the cheapest third-party provider we are not the right fit for you.

Finding you the right commercial partner at a great value price is our aim. Saving you time in researching the market and pointing you in the direction of our recommended partners.

We have an extensive panel here to help you in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Accountant
  • Financial Planning
  • Servers, IT, Email, Telephone
  • Training Partner
  • Health
  • Borrowing
  • Management Support

If we do not have the service provider your business requires we will say! Then we will work with you to find the right solution and extend our panel.

Contact us today to find out more about the fantastic offers and services via our recommended third-party partners.

Training requirement

Every business, as an absolute minimum, needs to ensure the management team are aware of the rules and regulations which apply to their workforce, and sector specific requirements (e.g. regulated businesses, health & safety, H.R, etc)

Most employers also recognise the additional benefits, to both the employees and business, by providing exceptional training programs.

How do employers execute this without negatively affecting productivity? How do employers provide effective training programs in the most cost-effective way?

My Legal Club provide solutions to these concerns.

Our training partners are a mixture of solicitors and accredited specialists in their field.

Whatever the training requirement is for your business, we are here to help, contact us via the contact us forms or via email at and we will introduce you to exceptional training providers.

Picnic in-house training (H.R./Employment)

One of our favourite business training offers, for My Legal Club members only, is the picnic training provided by one of our leading business/employment law national solicitors.

This is FREE to My Legal Club members and aids productivity due to the training being delivered at lunch time.

The picnic training includes:

  • 30 minutes free training with an expert
  • Attendance at your place of work during lunch hours to keep disruption to your day to a minimum
  • Pocket training guides to keep for future reference, and
  • A picnic brought to your office.

All our members need to do is pick their selection of courses from the Picnic Training menu below and get in touch to book your training session:

  • Brexit – EU Settlement Scheme – How to Ensure That Your European Employees Remain Legal Employees
  • Employment – Avoiding Unfair Dismissal Claims
  • Employment – Settlement agreements and protected conversation
  • Employment – Whistleblowing
  • Immigration – How to Recruit the Right Person for the Right Role
  • Immigration – Right to Work – How to Get it Right
  • Immigration – Tier 2 – A Quick Guide to Home Office Tier 2 Compliance Duties
  • Immigration – Tier 5 Immigration Options for Apprenticeships and Temporary Workers
  • Pensions – Auto-enrolment
  • Pensions – Death in service benefits

Members of My Legal Club with 20+ employees meet the criteria to qualify for picnic training subject to the following conditions, a. Each MLC business member is entitled to one free training session lasting up to 1 hour in duration at a time and location that is mutually convenient to both the member and the Firm, b. The Client may select up to two topics from a fixed menu of topics to be covered during the session in relation to employment, immigration or pensions law.

Members of My Legal Club with 19 employees or fewer qualify for the training materials to be supplied. Members may select materials for up to two topics in relation to employment, immigration or pensions from a fixed menu of topics.

Training excellence

My Legal Club have selected training partners whom we believe to be the leaders in their field.

Compliance and risk management are crucial for every business. The My Legal Club training partners are here to help you in every area of training requirement, whether that be in an office, or construction, or distribution, or waste disposal or even something else.

Business management training

My Legal Club partners offer training courses in areas, not limited to but, including:

  • Customer service training
  • Leadership and management
  • Recruitment & interviewing
  • Presentation skills

My Legal Club also provides introductions to leading business experts whom can help you with:

  • Business turnaround
  • Increasing turnover/profits
  • Refinancing existing borrowing / Raising working capital
  • Reports – MOT of the business
  • Improving the effectiveness of your management team

Managing a business can be a lonely place and our panel of experts are here to help get the best out of you and your business.

How we can help

You can still use the services of My Legal Club even if you are not a member.

You can access:

  • Our online legal document library here
  • Our specialist panel of business and employment law solicitors by contacting us via the contact us form or via email at

Our members benefit from:

  • Unique discounts with our specialist panel of solicitors
  • Free and unlimited access to the online legal document library
  • Additional benefits for both the business and employees

We're here & happy to help

Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions. Simply click or tap the question to view the answer. For anything else you can contact one of the team by emailing

What does My Legal Club do?

We are a one-stop-shop for all areas of law for you, your family, and your business.

My Legal Club was founded by an experienced solicitor so you can be certain we have cherry-picked the most highly recommended solicitors to help you. Our solicitors have the experience and expertise to help whenever you need legal advice and support. They have agreed to the highest standards of customer care and support ensuring My Legal Club clients receive the very highest standards of service.

If you need legal advice or support we can help you! Whether you are a member or not!

We offer no-obligation FREE trial periods for individuals on our Premium Membership. Our Premium Members benefit from:

  • Free will
  • Free access to Online Discount Club saving £££'s with leading UK retailers 
  • Up to 25% savings on any legal fees when you instruct one of our highly recommended solicitors
  • No 25% deduction in personal injury claims saving our clients over £600.00 on average
  • Up to 15% savings on any legal documents or packages via our online legal document service including divorce, landlord & tenant, wills & probate, employment, and business libraries
  • Additional savings and offers with leading UK brands 
  • You can also sign up for our newsletters with updates on legal news which may affect you, your family, and your business.

We also have a special offer for businesses which will benefit both their business and their employees. 

Why should I become a member?
  • FREE trial period
  • FREE access to Online Discount Club saving £££'s with leading UK retailers 
  • FREE online will
  • FREE online Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Up to 25% savings on any legal fees when you instruct one of our highly recommended solicitors
  • No 25% deduction in personal injury claims saving our clients over £600.00 on average
  • Up to 15% savings on any legal documents or packages via our online legal document service including divorce, landlord & tenant, wills & probate, employment, and business libraries
  • Additional savings and offers with our third-party commercial partners
Why should I instruct a Solicitor via My Legal Club?

On 8th March 2019 we launched a twitter poll asking participants what their biggest consideration was when selecting a solicitor. Over 90% of participants in the poll voted in favour of a recommendation / recommended solicitor.

Who is qualified to recommend a solicitor firm? How do you know they have the expertise and ability to provide you with the best service possible at a great price?

The Management team at My Legal Club works within the legal services industry. We have cherry-picked the law firms across the country that we feel provide the levels of service that we would want if we needed help in that area.

My Legal Club ensures that the law firms have the correct accreditation’s and insurance in place to ensure your case is secure in their hands.

My Legal Club has a strict level service agreement and standards of customer service that must be upheld by their panel firms to ensure that their standards remain as high as possible and you receive the level of care and support you deserve.

All our member firms are solicitors of England and Wales and authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The Authority’s rules can be accessed via their website.

Any solicitor we refer you to is an independent professional, from whom you will receive impartial and confidential advice. You are free to choose another solicitor if you so choose but we would, of course, welcome feedback as to why.

Is My Legal Club a solicitors firm?

No. My Legal Club is not a solicitors practice. We are regulated as a claims management company and we are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Full details are contained within our footer.

Does using My Legal Club cost me anything?

If you contact us wanting assistance with a legal query via our panel solicitors then My Legal Club do not take any money from you. We put you in touch with our highly recommended solicitors. When you speak with the solicitor they will then explain what they can, or can't, do to help and quote for any work you want them to perform.

It is more beneficial to be a Premium Member of My Legal Club as you also receive a large discount from the solicitors in the event that you require a solicitor or legal representation via My Legal Club.

If you use the My Legal Club Online Legal Document Library then there will be a fee per document you use. Premium Members benefit from a discount voucher code in the Online Legal Document Library – another great benefit of being a member!

If you are a Company subscribing to any of our services then there will be a fee as set out within our business services pages.

Do I receive all the benefits of Premium Membership during any free trial?

The vast majority of them yes - but not all of the benefits no. We would love to provide all of the benefits during the FREE trial period but sadly that isn't possible. Full details of the benefits and services available during the FREE trial period is confirmed on our membership pages and in our terms and conditions. 

Does My Legal Club only deal with accident/injury cases?

No. We will help you find a solicitor no matter what the nature of your inquiry, assuming of course that a solicitor is the correct person to help you with your query.

It does not matter what area of law your query may relate to we will ensure that you are provided with access to the right solicitor for you.

If you instruct a solicitor and/or they agree to act for you they will explain their own charges and fees and allow you to agree and consider the same.

Is my data secure? Will anyone (such as my employer) know that I have contacted you?

My Legal Club handles your data and your inquiry with extreme sensitivity. All the panel member law firms are required to ensure confidentiality and respect your privacy. Further information is located on our site regarding privacy and your data.

Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate solicitor with the request to contact you via your preferred method of contact at your preferred date and time.

How do I pass on any feedback or raise a complaint?

If you have a complaint, please review our complaints procedure which is located under the title “Complaints Procedure” within the footer of this website and within our Terms of Use. You can also contact us at

If the Complaint is in respect of any additional benefit with a third-party company we will forward your email to our commercial partner who operates the scheme and they will handle your complaint in accordance with the terms and conditions you agreed to when you first use their site. It is then for them to liaise with you directly in respect of your complaint or query.

Do you have a vulnerable person policy?

Yes. This is included below and within our Terms of Use.

We aim to identify those clients who may be at risk of being vulnerable by virtue of their age, disability or circumstance. This Policy is written as our commitment to such clients.

  • It is important to us that we are able to identify clients who may be vulnerable and we are committed to training all our team to identify key indicators such as age, disability or clients who find themselves in a particularly stressful situation where their judgment may be impaired or they may be vulnerable to influence or exploitation.
  • We aim to treat older clients, their families, and representatives, with additional consideration, by being both sympathetic and sensitive to any issues they may have. We also aim to ensure that our team also treats such clients with dignity, kindness, and respect at all times.
  • Where a client prefers to communicate with us with another person present (via email as an example), we will strive to facilitate this request subject to GDPR compliance e.g. that person specifying in writing whom we should be liaising with. We will require that person’s full name and relationship to the client, and where such a person is an Attorney or Court of Protection Deputy we will ask to see evidence of this. However, we will always strive to ensure that our client understands and feels at ease if they are alone with us.
  • Where English is not the first language of our client or has difficulty hearing or with sight, we suggest that an appropriate independent interpreter assists, or a person that our client trusts to help the client understand what is being discussed. We will be mindful of any other limitations such as mobility or capacity and provide every support to enable our client to communicate and feel comfortable in providing their instructions. We can provide large print, Braille or sign writing facilities as necessary.
  • We will use plain English and where legal terminology has to be used we will ensure that our client understands and will not proceed until we are sure of this.
  • We are an online business but should any face to face meetings be required we shall ensure we have disabled access with disabled parking and toilet facilities.
  • We are obliged to verify the identification of all our clients but are mindful that some of our older clients do not have valid passports or driving licenses and will adapt our procedures to accommodate such clients when necessary provided that this does not compromise our own money laundering requirements. The ID will be required for any solicitor, Deputy or other agents for our client.
  • We are aware that many of our older clients are computer literate and will feel comfortable communicating via email, but we will never insist on this form of communication and will make our older clients feel at ease by sending letters by post if this is preferred and we are happy to send duplicate correspondence to a family or trusted support provided that such authority is provided by the client.
  • We will always act in the client’s best interests and where we have concerns as to vulnerability, capacity, coercion or undue influence we will do our best to seek our client’s permission to refer him/her if necessary for a further professional opinion.

"I had claims with My Legal Club and they were really helpful. It saved me a lot of money and I would use them again"


"I used My Legal Club following a car accident and they recovered compensation for me and saved me a lot in legal fees. The solicitor was excellent and they were a great help throughout. I would recommend them and certainly use them again!"


"We put two personal injury claims through My Legal Club and got great results. A really friendly and pleasant solicitor secured us good settlements and there were no deductions from our compensation saving us £1500.00"


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