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What types of discrimination are common in the workplace?

  1. Direct Discrimination;
  1. Indirect Discrimination;
  1. Harassment;

What examples are there of each type of discrimination?

Direct Discrimination – This could be rejecting people for a job or discriminating against current employees on the basis of religion, skin colour, or sexual orientation.

An example would be that all women must work overtime unpaid or that only men could apply for a promotion.

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Indirect Discrimination – 
This could be giving some staff certain tasks to perform and not others, placing demands on some staff and not others or grouping people together on the basis of race, sex or age.

Verbal / Physical Abuse – This could be jokes about particular people or false rumours about certain staff, inappropriate touching, physical violence or sexual harassment.

Victimisation – This could be treating someone less favourably because they are part of a Union, or because they complained about someone or because of their race, age, sexual orientation.

If I feel that discrimination in the workplace is an issue what should I do

  1. Retain a diary and/or written record of what happened, when and what happened afterwards;
  2. Obtain a copy of the employment policy/handbook and ensure a complaint is raised in respect of that policy/handbook to the appropriate member of the Management team
  3. Report the issue to a Trade Union if relevant or the Equality and Human Rights Commission

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