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One of the many benefits of using the My Legal Club website is the online legal document library.

If you are a member of My Legal Club  you receive the added benefit of receiving a 25% discount on any documents you wish to complete and purchase online.

We have a fantastic array of documents in our online library including



ACCESS OUR WILLS LIBRARY HERE prices start from £50.00 for non members and members receive a 25% discount



ACCESS OUR POWER OF ATTORNEY DOCUMENTS HERE prices start from £60.00 for non members and members receive a 25% discount



ACCESS OUR FAMILY LAW DOCUMENTS HERE Divorce Packs start from £100.00 for non members and members receive a 25% discount



ACCESS OUR LANDLORD & TENANT DOCUMENTS HERE members receive a 25% discount



ACCESS EMPLOYMENT & HR DOCUMENTS HERE members receive a 25% discount

In order to access the documents simply:

  • Click on the link(s) above
  • complete a simple online registration process
  • Complete an online questionnaire answering each question the system generates. The document is automatically tailored to your individual circumstances. You can save a document at any time and return to complete it later
  • pay for your document and submit it
  • once complete you can print and sign your document(s)

Our online service enables you to access affordable legal documents in a convenient and modern manner.

We are online so you can access the documents from anywhere on any device

There are NO hidden fees or charges for our time. Each document has a price and you know in advance exactly how much the document(s) will cost. You may of course need to pay court fees once your document is prepared

Affordability is key. As this is an online service documents can be offered to you at a huge discount

Members of My Legal Club receive a further discount by virtue of being a member increasing the savings made

The service is very easy to use. You don’t need to be a computer expert to operate the system.

The service is 100% private and secure. Your name or details will never be supplied to any third party without your express permission. The online service provides maximum security and encryption.

If you, your family or your business require legal documents remember to check the online legal documents library first!

Remember My Legal Club Members receive a discount on any online legal document purchases.

If not already join My Legal Club today!

Access our document libarary

Get access to helpful documents to assit your legal matters right here.


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