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  • My Legal Club are able to introduce their corporate members to a specialist commercial law service operated by solicitors which can help you address any commercial litigation you may wish to either pursue or defend yourself against.

    • Access our online business law library
    • Are you currently in dispute with a commercial partner?
    • Are you concerned about your commercial contracts?
    • Are you attempting to buy out or remove shareholders?
    • Are you owed money from the last 6 years which you have failed to pursue due to uncertainty and the expense of litigation?

    The above are just some of the matters that our panel of solicitors can advise and assist you with.

    My Legal Club have leading commercial solicitors on their panel who are ready and waiting to help you with flexible retainer and payment options.

    My Legal Club is working to to secure a commercial partner who will offer the panel solicitors special rates in respect of commercial litigation ensuring that our corporate members have the best funding options and advice available to them in the event that court proceedings are required or are served upon them.

    My Legal Club has a unique partnership with Annecto Legal who assist us with any litigation in respect of any causes of action dating back 6 years.

Annecto Legal helps businesses seek redress where they have a strong claim but the financial risk of litigating is an obstacle.

  • In a claim for £200,000 legal fees might be estimated at £80,000. If the case loses and opponent’s costs have to be paid, that figure would double.
  • Who would risk £160,000 to recover £200,000, with no certainty over either figure?
  • What if you had absolute certainty about your costs at the outset?
  • What if you could litigate knowing your maximum exposure was never more than £2,000, win or lose? That, if successful, you would recover the bulk of damages, despite taking little or no risk…
  • Annecto Legal offer many alternatives and permutations to the old hourly rate model, helping clients to mitigate risk and maximise recovery.

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Take advantage of a free initial consultation to discuss any potential cases from the last six years: Are you sitting on a claim that could be turned into cash for your business? The process is simple and free.

Commercial disputes can be stressful, draining and take up crucial hours which should be spent concentrating on your business. We enable our corporate members to focus on their business whilst our panel of solicitors focus on any commercial disputes.

If you have a query or commercial matter that requires some advice please do not delay. Contact My Legal Club in confidence today.

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The Panel of Solicitors at My Legal Club have been carefully selected to ensure that they offer you expertise and exceptional customer service
Members of My Legal Club receive discounted prices from our panel of solicitors providing you with unique value for money when you require a solicitor!

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